The Journeys Backyard BBQ rolls into H-Town

Houston was at the tail end of our first 2 event weekend. While one of rental trucks had the audacity to break down on a lonely stretch of Texas highway, we moved forward and were able to get all of the items in place with no major issues and the venue looked great. The DC rig rolled in and posted up right in the middle of the venue for maximum visibility. The DC autograph sessions and product giveaways from on top of the bus were out of control. Superstar hungry fans wanted a piece of Nate Adams and Dustin Miller bad. The guys were great and very obliging. They stayed and signed autographs to the very bitter end. Unfortunately, Travis Pastrana did not make it and that seemed to be the question we got all day…”Where is Travis”? The DC skate team guys were on hand for the skate demos and did a fine job. Josh Kalis, Sean Malto and Devine Calloway were there ripping the Mini Ramp to the thrill of the good sized crowd. It was a scorcher in Houston, although we were blessed with some cloud cover that made the weather tolerable

The Freestyle Motocross demos were a big hit as always. The location of the event was right along Gessner Blvd. and the cars driving by and stopping to watch the show caused quite a traffic snarl. Quite a few people drove past the event and pulled into the mall to see the happenings. The BUZZ who was the local radio station brought out an insanely, huge promotional truck and were giving away some great prizes. The Journeys Tent ran out of bags twice as the crowds were rather large and everyone seemed to need to get their hands on the Journeys goodies. At the Converse Tent, the Chucks went faster than ever and had to be rationed. Apparently, people love to Punk their Chuck. A year’s supply of Chuck Taylors is a not a bad incentive either.

The Macbeth Music Stage was wildly popular with about 1200 fans going crazy for The Matches and Family Force 5, who inspired an impromptu break dance session in front of the stage.

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