We were approached to find a unique solution on how to educate general contractors the benefits of AZEK and TimberTech building products. This demographic is typically up early and at the job site all day, finding where and when to approach them was the key problem to be addressed. California is a giant market for contractors, so our team would need to move swiftly in order to hit all of our designated markets.


Sandbox custom built out two Ford F-550’s with a camper completely built from AZEK products. Not only would these vehicles serve as mobile billboards on the street, they were built to display products and setup live demonstrations with in minutes. In order to reach contractors, our Northern and Southern California teams would arrive early at lumber yards with coffee and donuts to chat about AZEK products. Our hitch mounted BBQ served as our “lunch and learn” program where the AZEK team would show up directly to the job site, cook hot dogs and talk to the contractors and their team about the possibilities of building with AZEK. Overall our two teams covered the entire area of California and visited 60 cites within a 2 month timeframe.


  • Visited 60 cities throughout Northern and Southern California
  • Custom built Ford F-550 with camper made from AZEK and TimberTech products
  • Educated consumers and installers with live demonstrations
  • Hitch mounted BBQ for lunch and learn programs