The Journeys Backyard BBQ launches in Phoenix, AZ

The first event of the Journeys Backyard BBQ took place under extreme heat conditions. The high temperatures were 116 degrees for the day and most people in the Valley of the Sun were ducking in and out of the shade. The event was well attended considering the temperatures. The Vans Vert Skate Team was in attendance for two demos throughout the day on the amazing Red Bull vert ramp. The Vans Team riders did a phenomenal job during the demos and even skated longer than the scheduled demo time. They also participated in autograph sessions after each of the demos. All of the fans were very happy to meet and greet the team riders. The FMX demo was very well received by all of the fans and was capped off by amazing backflips by Chuck Carothers.

All of the booths in the BBQ Picnic Area were jam packed with people through out the day. The Journeys booth was crowded with loads of kids and parents all trying to get their hands on the Journeys premiums and enter for their chance to win gift certificates. The Converse Punk your Chucks Tent turned out to be a successful activation and gave the consumers a chance to get their hands on Converse product and express their creativity with Sharpie Pens and Tulip paints. Teen Vogue punked kids hair and handed out a load of Garnier product. Sharpie was on hand with their rig and had the consumers busy with all sorts of contests. Etnies, Globe, Adio and Macbeth were busy with consumers eager to get their hands on premiums and product.

The Macbeth Music Stage was rocking with local Phoenix band Lydia who drew about 500 kids out to see them play. The Converse Battle of the Bands was a huge success as fans voted for their favorite unsigned local artists. Bands were also able to sell merchandise to eager new fans.

Overall, and despite the heat, the first event of the Journeys Backyard BBQ was well received and all went well.

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