Sandbox to Help Disney Launch Zeke and Luther

Sandbox Marketing, LLC., Tustin, CA – As part of the upcoming launch of Disney XD’s Zeke and Luther program, Disney has signed on as a sponsor of the Journeys Backyard BBQ and asked Sandbox Marketing to develop and execute an on site activation at each event.

In order to reach the younger kids on site and to tie in the skateboarding/action sports themes found in the Zeke and Luther programming, Sandbox developed the Zeke and Luther Shred Academy where young kids could borrow a skateboard and pads and work with pro skaters to learn the basics. All of this took place within an enclosed area complete with custom build and branded skate ramps and rails designed to let kids get a feel for skateboarding in the safest way possible.

Along with the Shred Academy skate area, the activation also included a raffle for several Disney XD branded skateboards each day as well as some cool premiums for each skater to take home like stickers and Disney XD string bags.

Sine the Zeke and Luther programming had not started to air on Disney XD, a team of brand ambassadors also worked to talk about the show and an in-booth TV rotated footage from the show to get kids excited about the upcoming show.

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