Sandbox and got2b Back to School Blast

Sandbox Marketing, LLC., Tustin, CA was tapped once again by got2b to activate inside Six Flags amusement parks across the country to promote got2b’s male and female product lines and educate consumers by getting product into their hair and showing them the first hand the benefits of got2b’s products. Over the course of three weeks, Sandbox activated a total of eight days at different Six Flags parks across the country where brand ambassadors distributed samples of got2b’s Ultra Glued, Smooth Operator, and Fat-tastic product lines and offered free hair touch ups to park goers. The booth also featured the got2b Red Carpet Experience where park goers could pose in front of a step and repeat backdrop with their freshly touched up hair and have a picture taken utilizing a photo booth designed and built by Sandbox Marketing which was then emailed directly to each park goer. In order to increase the chances of the product samples actually getting home and into each consumer’s hair, Sandbox organized an exit sampling program for each activation day. As consumers left the parks they were greeted by a brand ambassador and handed a gender specific sample that was also hair-type specific. By doing this Sandbox was able to maximize the impact of each sample and create a more authentic impression. About Sandbox Marketing: Sandbox Marketing is a full-service event and sports marketing agency based in Laguna Niguel, CA with offices in Tustin, CA. Construction on the Sandbox started in 2001, Sandbox Marketing has more than 26 years of experience in entertainment, marketing, and brand-building—specializing in design and production, touring promotions and mobile marketing programs.

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