Round 5 of the Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour Rolls Into St. Louis

The St. Louis stop of the BBQ looked like it was going to be a fantastic stop, even though we had just produced the Nashville stop the day before. After a very quick set up, we were ready to go. The media in St. Louis was good and we had lots of consumers at the the event early on. It was Fathers Day and that may have hurt the turnout, just a bit. It had also rained all night the previous night, and scattered showers were expected throughout the day. Nonetheless, we set up for the show and hoped for the best.

Unfortunately, the Etnies team missed their flight in France and we were left with no pro skate demo. So we consulted with the Alyssa and Candace at Etnies and they came up with a great idea. Let’s have an Am Jam for some great Etnies prizes. This will also give the local kids a chance to skate the amazing mini ramp and rail section. So after clearing all of the appropriate paperwork, it was on! The locals had a great time and they all got some great stuff from Etnies and Journeys. Way to make lemonade from lemons. The FMX guys performed their first demo to huge crowd fanfare. They are always a favorite. The winds came on really strong and did not allow us to perform any further FMX demos. Safety first! Unfortunately, we received some rain later in the day that caused some of the crowd to run for the hills. The die hard fans battled the rain and came back out as it got sunny and the action continued.

The activities inside the Etnies booth were going crazy as the team over there had fans doing crazy things like drinking Rockstar Energy Drink from an Etnies shoe, eating Saltine crackers in a timed race (with nothing to drink) and painting stencils on everything from t-shirts to skateboards. The Adio, Globe and Macbeth booths were all packed with tons of fans throughout the day also. The Macbeth Music stage was bouncing with Hit the Lights knocking out some catchy tunes and the Converse Battle of the Bands garnered more votes her than any other stop on the tour. Had the weather and timing been better, St. Louis could have been a great stop!

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