Round 2 of the Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour Hits the Alamo

The heat was still on in San Antonio, as the second stop of the Journeys Backyard BBQ rolled into town. Globe and Osiris team riders were in attendance and were present for some great media in the morning before the event, as we had live event remotes the entire morning with a local weather personality. Globe’s Paul Machnau and Osiris’ Marius Syvannen got some great face time and also helped to promote the event to the local community. As for the weather, the heat was in full effect and the sloped parking lot of the Rolling Hills Mall made it difficult for the FMX riders. Their ramps needed to be set up at an angle and made it tough for them to hit it square. The riders did a great job dealing with the environment.

The skate guys had the opportunity, to ride the Mini Ramp / Grind Rail contraption that was built for the skaters by 4Down. The riders seemed to like the set up, although we needed to “beef up” the roll in portion as the scaffolding was a bit spongy. With a couple of minor tweaks we were back in business and each of the brands riders were killing it in no time. After each session, the rider retired to the brands tents where they signed autographs and got up close and personal with each and every consumer. Quite a few kids were in disbelief that they met the stars that they had only seen on videos. Great stuff! Booth activations for Globe and Osiris were good with tons of giveaways. Sharpie kept the fans asking for more and our local radio partner KISS-FM was on hand with a custom Scion Vehicle. Adio and Etnies did a great keeping the kids coming back for more. Journeys and Converse were packed all day and only saw a slight slow down at the end of the day.

The Macbeth Music Stage rocked with Emanuel and Family Force 5. Both band s did an amazing job and at one point we had about 900 people watching the shows. It was definitely a crowd draw. San Antonio was good and Houston is expected to be better

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