göt2b – American Music Awards Gifting Lounge



göt2b always challenges us to come up with “out of this world” ideas and their event at the American Music awards was no different. Our challenge was to create a booth at the Celebrity Gifting Lounge at L.A. Live that would stand out among the rest of the exhibitors, as well as highlight the göt2b “a world of style” theme.  Creating a booth that would capture everyone’s attention and work within our limited space was our biggest challenge. Furthermore, they wanted us to expand from this activation and create a lounge on the Red Carpet for their invited VIP guest. In addition, they also wanted us to create a third event space for the VIP after party.  The Sandbox team put their heads together to create an ultra creative and alternative to what you would typically see at an event. We pulled out all the stops to deliver just that.



Creating an activation that was “other wordly” was challenging in the space provided. Our first step was to source an inflatable dome, which would act as our “planet” and would draw celebrities to the activation, was first up on our list. This thing was awesome. Sandbox sourced a variety of sizes of round, hollow styrofoam which would act as our product display planets after they were polyurethane coated. Next step was to bring in our talented air brush artist Herby V. to paint each planet to match the product line that it was going to display. The artistry was masterful.Custom acrylic LED stands that would light up to hold each planet were constructed. This activation was starting to really come together at this point, and was looking amazing. But, we couldn’t just stop there. Our client really wanted a revolving sun at the top of our planetary product display. How do you get a 36” branded sun to rotate 10 feet in the air? Piece of cake. Sandbox created a custom rotating mechanism that would allow us to do just that. To finish off this booth we customized a display cabinet that would house our hair product samples and give us another branding opportunity.  The display cabinet had custom lighting added to highlight the products. LED uplighting that changed colors with custom branded gobos on the inside walls of our planet made it rock. Top that off with a rocking Bluetooth sound system that had custom branded galaxy themed speakers from Soundcast and now you have all the makings for a great activation.


Celebrities gravitated to our booth stating how they wanted to bring our inflatable planet for their next party! Success! It was the activation that stood out the most once you entered the gifting lounge. Our brand ambassadors, adorned with branded “galaxy” gear, helped celebrities select the best göt2b products for their individual hair needs.  Sandbox had countless celebrities style their hair right on the spot once they received their custom gift bags, full of hair swag.


On the Red Carpet, we created a lounge adjacent to where the celebrities walked that featured a custom delicious cocktail for the guest enjoyment. These drinks were served in custom branded product bottles, which featured custom colored paper straws. The VIP Red Carpet lounge featured custom stainless steel and café tables with göt2b branding and custom fabric skirting that were set out for our guest to enjoy the event. This created a very unique VIP experience. Custom flower centerpieces were each designed to highlight a specific product line. The center of the arrangements had a göt2b full size hair product attached to it with a custom “göt2b a world of style sign” and custom painted mini planets.


Last on our “to-do” list was to design a VIP lounge area for the AMA after party. The venue at the JW Marriott was a great backdrop for the event in the Grand Ballroom. We used our existing custom product display planets that were brought over to be the highlight of this lounge. Sandbox branded each bar with a göt2b signature drink which gave guest a custom göt2b branded drink container to take home as a souvenir. 350 swag bags were handed out to guests in the VIP after party containing a line of men or women’s hair product, as well as cute pink göt2b flip flops for the women.


Sandbox completed three separate activations completed within one event and all were a huge success.



  • Over 470,000 brand impressions
  • 1,200 Total Estimated Gifting Lounge Attendance
  • 125 Total Estimated Gifting Lounge Gift Bags Distributed
  • 3,000 Estimated Red Carpet Attendance
  • 2,000 Estimated After Party Attendance
  • 350 Total Estimated After Party Swag Bags Distributed to Tastemakers
  • 133,548 social media brand impressions on Facebook
  • 404,067 social media brand impressions on Twitter


Success Elements

  • Creative Development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Logistics Management
  • Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • Ideation
  • User Experience
  • Staffing
  • Conceptual Design
  • Event Management
  • Event Planning
  • Experience Management
  • Budget Adherence
  • Detailed Event Summary with Analytics and ROI Analysis