Network Security Solutions

The right network security solutions and tools help organizations remain compliant with the government and local business regulations. As the cloud continues to grow, companies need to closely monitor the data they collect and use. They need to know how and where their data is being used, and how it is protected (get the details over here).

“At CSC, we’ve been working in the area of network security for a long time,” says Brian Pitt, CSC’s director of Network Security Services. “We’ve offered tools for network security professionals, network administrators, network engineers, and network auditors who have become increasingly interested in the security of the Internet and how to implement new technologies to protect the networks they manage.”

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But network security also affects everyone, including IT pros who manage the networks. They can no longer afford to ignore security issues.

As Internet and digital commerce becomes more integrated into daily life, many businesses are growing out of the non-traditional models they used to run. Those old models could get re-structured to reflect the modern digital economy.

“There are new digital technologies taking hold,” he says. “Saving money is the first step in any shift in the way enterprises develop and employ the IT resources they have.”

That means an IT professional needs to ensure the network is secure. For IT pros to know what they need to protect their network, you’ll need to find a service provider that you can trust.

A best-practice checklist is at the top of this article. You can also download an infographic called 50 Things You Need to Know About Network Security that includes some of the things you’ll need to know about network security.

Protecting the Internet

That’s important. But today’s technology also requires information security to protect the Internet.

For example, if a firewall can be disabled by anyone, it could affect Internet traffic. When a data breach occurs, online sales could be blocked or the details of a credit card could be compromised.