City of Brotherly Love Welcomes the Journeys Backyard BBQ

The sixth and final stop of the 2006 Journeys Backyard BBQ rolled into the city of brotherly love this past weekend The Oxford Valley Mall was the setting. We arrived for set up on Friday and dodged the rain clouds all day long, although local weathercasters said that the storm of the decade was heading our way. We set up the event and discussed back up plans, but the weather outlook was bleak for the event day. The mall received over 350 calls asking if the event was on rain or shine. We also posted a news article on the website that let all of the fans know that the event was going to happen no matter what. The event started right on time and we had a good crowd to kick off the event. The Journeys and Converse booths were swamped, as was presenting sponsor Etnies. The booths were all hopping as the event got underway. The Freestyle Moto guys were able to get things dried enough from the morning downpour to squeeze in an exhibition. The fans were very receptive to the guys and they did a great job. Because we were concerned about weather we asked the Etnies Team to show up early for their demo session. Eric Fletcher, Elissa Steamer and Tony Silva showed up to skate the mini ramp just in time for their scheduled session. The riders all ripped and did a great job. Most kids were excited to meet Elissa, because of her video game fame and we had quite a few young girls show up to meet her. We were able to get in two bands for the Converse Battle of the Bands competition. At about 4pm, the skies grew very dark around the Philly area, so we figured that we should try and get the headlining band Matchbook Romance on stage before it started raining. Just as we were getting the band on stage, the almighty mother skies opened up a serious fury, including some great lightning. The rain storm was massive and eventually flooded the Eastern Seaboard. Great! We asked the guys from MR and they said that they would be happy to do an acoustic set and an autograph session inside the mall. After some wiggling with the mall. We got it handled and made it a great finish.

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