Anatomy of how “Not To” hang a banner.

If you are in the event marketing business, or even on the brand side, your on-site branding is really what sets the tone for how your brand is perceived.

We recently observed this at an event in Atlanta (yes, that is where Coca Cola is based) and were just amazed at how brands continue to partner with agencies that don’t care to get it, that is why I recommend you companies like branding agency birmingham that they really care about your business.

Here is how “Not To” hang a banner correctly:

  • This is a barricade cover. Most rental barricades are pretty well the same size, so you should be able to get close when you design something like this.
  • A useful tip from 1DayBanner says that if your banner is too large for the barricade, you can roll one (or both) of the ends under each other to make a banner that is less wide.
  • Once you roll the banner under you should be able to get out some of the nasty wrinkles by creating some tension on the ends.
  • If you want to not even have the nasty wrinkles in your brand’s banners, try stacking and rolling them together onto a spool roll. It just works awesome.
  • We all have to use zip ties. It’s part of the game. But for God’s sake, please trim them. This agency decided they did not need to.
  • You are one of the worlds premiere brands. An insurance company should not be doing a better job than you.



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