Shaun White and Tony Hawk Tear Up the Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour in Nashville, TN

What do you call 25,000 people crammed into the parking lot of a local mall with some of the world’s best skaters, insane freestyle motocross, tons of free giveaways and the most incredible bands? Call it Stop #4 of the Journeys Backyard BBQ in Nashville.

The Adio guys pulled out all the stops and brought out White, Hawk and the rest of the team to the enjoyment of the audience. The Adio Skate Team was in high demand and the fans went crazy to do anything to see the guys. The sheer amount of people that attended the event was amazing. At one point, it was difficult to walk through the venue and the best route to get from one side to the other was to actually walk around the entire parking lot! The skate demos were amazing and the entire Adio Team did not disappoint. The Freestyle Moto demos were a huge hit in Nashville. Most of the fans that were asked had never seen Freestyle Motocross in person. An enormous crowd that watched the FMX guys go crazy and bust huge tricks. During the last show of the day we had to stop the demo and ask the fans to move back off of the barricade fencing, because it was bending from the sheer size and weight of the crowd.

The Converse Battle of the Bands was the place to be and definitely drew the largest crowds of any of the stops. Fans were eager to see “their” local band play on the same stage as the headliners. The Macbeth Music Stage was THE place to be later in the day, as Family Force 5 rocked out. The power went off on the stage because a large circuit breaker blew and the band had no power to play. Never fear. The boys in the band just started beat boxing to the crowd and had them jumping again in no time. 5 minutes later the power was rerouted and the band was rocking again. The headliner for the day was Switchfoot. The band made a special trip out to Nashville to play for the fans and Switchfoot performed an INCREDIBLE show. The band interacted with the crowd and even decided to do a meet and greet right after the show. They signed autographs and met some very happy fans

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