Brian Gass has been building brands as long as he can remember. Growing up as a young BMX racer, Brian learned early on how important brand affinity is for building a brand. Race it on Sunday and sell it on Monday. Prior to founding Sandbox, Brian spent 6 years at GT Bicycles eventually becoming Sport Marketing Director and creating television shows like CRANK TV for FOX Sports and running marketing for a world class brand. “I learned something new every single day and every day presented a challenge”, Brian says. Brian brings this mentality with him each day to the Sandbox Marketing office. Connecting consumers with brands has been his passion for over 20 years. Brian has been married to his wife, Stephanie and has three kids.

So what do we call him? We call him B-GASS and he loves it. Brian says “it’s like BIG ASS…without the I”. We humor him.


About Brian

  • Something that I don’t understand: Looky-Loos on the freeway. Really people? Keep it moving we have brands to build.
  • Biggest Influences: Family and Sylvester Stallone (in Rocky 1..not 2, 3, 4 or 5)
  • Who would play you in a movie: Bruce Willis. We both have a similar attitude and generally don’t have much hair. “yippee ki-yay”
  • Favorite Word or Saying: “What’s the net-net?” & “I think we need to sex it up a bit”. The Sandbox Team would agree.
  • Things I can’t resist: Sees’ Bordeaux candy and Mexican beer. Together at the same time. Muy delicioso.
  • Titles on old business cards: The Closer, Head Monkey, Toll Collector NJ Turnpike
  • Favorite Thing To Wear: Jeans and T’s. Seriously? Is there anything better?
  • Adjectives that others would use to describe you: Talkative, Loving, Creative, Hyper, Crazy, Driven, Hard Working and Insane. But, Mostly Insane
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  • One thing you always wanted for Christmas but never got: I know you think it’s the Red Ryder BB gun, but I got one of those. I always wanted a cool metal KISS lunch box and I never got one. It still causes minor trauma on my psyche even today.