Jeremy is the do it all guy here in the Sandbox. He works with our partner brands to help bring their ideas to life. You want the Worlds Largest Pink Boombox for Spring Break? No Problem. How about a mobile mermaid activation? No worries. A 550 stop mobile tour with 5ea truck and trailer combinations? Jeremy has you covered. Resourceful is a great way to characterize Jeremy. He came to the event marketing business about 5 years ago and has never looked back. Jeremy can often be seen working with clients on-site and helping them to deliver top notch experiential results. He is like our very own “MacGyver” here in the Sandbox. Give him a challenge and he will bring you solutions.

So what do we call him? We like to call him “J”. It makes it easy for us since it’s short and to the point. Hey “J”…oh wait…he is already onto something else.


About Jeremy

  • Something that I don’t understand: Traffic
  • Biggest Influences: My dad
  • Who would play you in a movie: Luke Wilson
  • Favorite Word or Saying: Cheers!
  • Things I can’t resist: A good time
  • Titles on old business cards: Engine Builder, Graphic Designer, Flooring Installer, & Handy Man
  • Favorite Thing To Wear: My game face
  • Adjectives that others would use to describe you: Hard working, knowledgeable, opinionated
  • One thing you always wanted for Christmas but never got: My two front teeth